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Portugal is the traveller’s idea of an ideal touring country, a Shangrila where natural beauties are still unspoiled, and gracious living and social courtesy are everyday realities. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, this exquisite land enjoys Europe’s warmest climate. Add to this the brilliant sunshine, the moisture laden Atlantic breezes dropping gentle rains on the mountain slopes, and you have a landscape of living green which greets you every morning with a riot of flowers in all colours of the rainbow. But there is more! Portugal is also luxurious hotels, plush casinos, cozy nightclubs, exciting floorshows and fantastic beaches of white sand beside blue seas. It is stately royal palaces and hand embroidered table cloths in little outdoor cafes under flowering trees. It is peaceful beauty and granite monasteries, Moorish castles and blossoming almond trees, picturesque fishing villages, museums, art galleries, impressive monuments, fairytale gardens and modern cities. It is history come to life before your eyes, and everywhere you go are smiling Portuguese people offering you their help. You will delight to discover that there is no language barrier where friendliness is the national language, as it is in Portugal.

  • Introduction to Lisbon

Lisbon is a Royal City , and her palaces and monuments mirror that greatness.

Poets, painters, writers and sculptors have loved Lisbon , one of Europe ’s most beautiful capitals.

Wide tree lined avenues with outdoor cafes and impressive city squares rival those of Paris .Medieval Alfama’s narrow streets suggest Morocco , especially when the entrancing “fado” is heard in the clear night air.

Quaint tramcars climb steep hills and wander along streets with old palaces and monasteries, gothic churches and richly ornate “Manueline” architecture.

Gardens overflow with flowers, and people are always courteous, friendly and helpful.

See Lisbon at her loveliest, when the setting sun turns the Tagus into molten gold

  • Introduction to Estoril Coast and Sintra – The golden triangle

Estoril and Cascais, sister villages, are known for their mild climate, elegant hotels, fine beaches and beautiful gardens.

At the famous casino superb dining is accompanied by floor shows of the highest quality.

A number of excellent golf courses, tennis courts and most water sports are available.

Estoril has been chosen by the Royalty for their residence: Italia’s King Umberto, Spain ’s Prince Juan and Britain ’s Duke of Windsor are just a few examples.

Sintra is an enchanting historical place with its Pena Palace and its Castle, both with breathtaking views over the town. Lord Byron once called it “His Glorious Eden”.

Lisbon is easily accessed by fast electric train.

  • Introduction to the Algarve

A true sun-seeker’s paradise is the Algarve , offering year round sunshine and over 150 miles of superb sandy beaches and coves with unusual rock formations.

Traces of 500 years of Moorish occupation are still visible in the white-washed houses, the brightly-colored fishing boats, and the lovely “azulejos” – the blue and white tiles which cover the walls of churches…

The Algarve offers a wide choice of sea resorts all featuring excellent accommodations, restaurants and shops, and an easy going nightlife with many friendly small bars.

Albufeira, is the most popular of Algarve ’s resorts.

Rocha, has also been a favorite since the Algarve was “discovered “as a tourist paradise. Its beach is considered one of the most beautiful of the Algarve .

Vau Beach is situated midway between Rocha and Alvor on a secluded beach.. It is the ideal location for those who are looking for a quieter vacation with easy access to all modern facilities and exciting city life.

Armacao de Pera, is a modern resort and a most splendid beach.

Alvor, is an old fishing village with many popular sea food restaurants and a four-mile stretch of glorious sand.

Vilamoura, one of the newest and the biggest Algarve ’s development has it all: a wide variety of hotels, villas and apartments, golf courses and tennis courts, horseback riding, a great selection of restaurants and a pleasant beach. Quarteira a typical fishing village, is just a short stroll away.

Carvoeiro, a quaint fishing village is quickly becoming the chosen destination for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere with spectacular scenery.

  • Introduction to Madeira Islands

Madeira is a paradise of soft blue skies, pure air, sparkling waters, and sweeping vistas of unimaginable beauty.

Warmed by the Gulf Stream , oranges, bananas and tropical fruits grow alongside orchids, bougainvillea, lilies and hibiscus, while inland are pine forests, waterfalls, mountain gorges and towering jagged peaks.

But Madeira is also superb artists, gardeners, fishermen and chefs. It is luxury hotels and apartments in all price ranges, bars and casinos, discotheques, swimming pools and clubs, where visitors are always welcome.

Madeira is excitement or solitude, at a pace you choose yourself…

  • The Azores Islands

The Azores are a Portuguese group of nine beautiful islands scattered in the Mid-Atlantic, about 1550 kilometers from Lisbon .

All the islands are of volcanic origin and are incredibly beautiful and enchanting.

The Azores remain today as they have always been – a chain of lovely tranquil islands where every combination of magnificent scenery and color is represented. Golden and dark sanded beaches contrast with black lava and blue seas.

Green hills, lakes like mirrors, and flowers of every hue abound.

There are secluded coves and rocky cliffs, towering peaks and sheltered valleys; caves, hot springs, volcanoes , underground lakes and a fascinating sea-bottom teeming with mysteries for the scuba divers.

Sao Miguel is the largest island, known for its lush vegetation, its quiet countryside and the flowering shorelines of its lakes. This island features two excellent 18 hole golf courses with all modern facilities and is becoming increasingly popular with golf buffs.

Terceira has a fascinating historical past. It boasts fortresses, museums and beautiful

beaches and caves. Angra do Heroismo is its capital. UNESCO has declared Angra’s historic center a World Heritage Site.

Pico houses Portugal ’s highest mountain and is also famous for the volcano located on its south-west side.

Pico’s “verdelho” wine that grows among basaltic rocks, earned a great reputation, mainly in the United Kingdom , USA and Russia s Tzars.

The island vineyards have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Faial features some charming beaches and a marina, shelter for the yachts that regularly call at the island.

The other islands: Santa Maria, Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Flores and Corvo, are all small in size but great in scenery, folk festivities and delightful traditional cuisine.

  • The Pousadas of Portugal

For the very best in luxury accommodation, cuisine and attentive service, amid the calm and peace of the countryside and small towns, Portugal features a number of delightful establishments “Pousadas” in sites of natural beauty and historical interest.

Former castles, royal residences and monasteries have been renovated with all modern conveniences, to provide easily accessible stays for overnight or rest stops of several days.

They are located off main roads, but some of them are in town, usually in its historical center.

The cuisine is excellent and the welcome always hospitable.

Staying in Pousadas is a great way to discover a fascinating country with hidden gardens and breathtaking views around every corner

  • Manor Houses – Country Homes – Farmhouses

“Turismo de Habitacao” – Staying at Private Homes

If you are looking for a different type of vacation Portugal has a great option for you!

Stay at privately owned old palaces, country homes or farmhouses and discover the natural charm and friendly atmosphere of Portuguese Family living.

Get acquainted with the regional culture and traditions, learn how to sample the country’s excellent wines and cheese, see that special “hidden treasurer” that only a few know about, taste the delicacy that your friends praise so often…

Sleep in century years old beds and admire genuinely antique decoration. Enjoy life at its best in a pollution free environment.

“Turismo de Habitacao” offers a network of accommodations that covers almost every corner of Portugal , Azores Islands included, and makes it easy for you to design your own itinerary .

  • Portugal Wine Tours

Portugal is famous world wide for the excellence of its wines.

The names “Port” and “Madeira” are naturally associated with Portugal , but the country also produces table wines of the highest quality, like the red of Alentejo, Dao, Douro and Estremadura , to give you just a few examples, and the whites of Colares and Alentejo.

While the “verde” wine is a specialty of Northern Portugal, the moscatel ( Muscat ) is from the Setubal area, just south of Lisbon.

The “verde” (literally green) wine is so called because it is picked early and drunk very young. White verde is very appreciated with sea food and light meals.

The moscatel is, like the port, a fortified wine that has been enjoyed for centuries.

The Pico Island , in the Azores, also produces the “verdelho” wine that grows amongst basaltic rocks and has achieved international recognition, mainly in England , U.S.A. and Russia of the Tzars’ era.

Portugal also produces sparkling wines called “espumante”, a champagne type wine that has become very popular and is consumed in special occasions, and the famous “rose”, like Mateus and Lancers, and reputable old brandies that rival those of Spain and France .

  • Crusing The Douro River

The Douro Valley is undoubtedly one of Mother Nature’s master pieces and the best way to fully enjoy its greatness is to take one of the Douro Azul’s cruises up the Douro River.

This valley has been producing wine for over 2,000 years, and is home for the world famous “Port”. UNESCO has appointed it a World Heritage Site.

The local “Quintas” (wine estates) display their vines over 600,000 acres of steep slopes

and spectacular scenery.

In the past the wine used to be transported in casks by the traditional “Rabelo” boats from the quintas to the wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia , on the other bank of the river across from Porto ( Oporto ).

But the Douro Valley has much more to offer than vineyards: Picturesque villages enriched with old palaces, manor houses and hotels offering first world accommodations, tasty food, striking scenery and friendly, courteous service… and, of course, there is the very special Port and a wide choice of excellent table wines.

To really enjoy your journey to the Douro River take one way by boat and return by train or bus. You can even extend your stay for a couple of days, thus enabling you to visit the area at a pace that you choose yourself.

Your cruise starts in Vila Nova de Gaia and ends in Porto , if you choose a boat/train-bus trip. Shorter cruises start and return to the town of Regua , the official centre of the Port wine growing area.

Please select your itinerary from our menu and have a super vacation!

  • Fly and Drive in Portugal and Spain

This is the ideal way to explore the Iberian Peninsula .

Both Portugal and Spain are covered with excellent roads, easily accessible gas stations and road side restaurants and accommodations for all kinds of wallets…and the friendly local people always eager to help and please.

You will be able to manage your own time and choose the places you want to visit and marvel at sights that only the locals and a few more know about.

Portugal and Spain feature all and every type of accommodations: Pousadas, Paradores, Manoirs and Farm Houses, Special Hotels and other, ranging from budget to super deluxe.

Choose from our offers or design your own itinerary. We are here to help with prices and suggestions if you wish.

  • Golf in Portugal and Spain

Because its mild climate the Iberian Peninsula is a paradise for outdoor sports. Golf has long been extremely popular in both Portugal and Spain .

Numerous golf courses supported by excellent accommodations have been built in locations of great scenic beauty, where the sunshine, the sea breezes and clean mountain air are added benefits for the golf fans.

Nearby there are always modern cities or picturesque villages with good restaurants, shopping facilities and night life to complement your golf vacation.

Many of the golf courses of Portugal and Spain have been chosen for international championships and tournaments on many occasions.

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