Paraguay, is a country of little over six million inhabitants, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east, and Bolivia to the northwest. It is, along with Bolivia , the only two land locked South American countries.
Paraguay features a quiet, relaxed, capital city, impressive historical Jesuit Missions, (the church of the One, built between 1706 & 1780 is beautifully preserved) many National Parks and the Chaco , a famous wilderness area. It shares with Brazil the Itaipu Dam, one of the biggest in the world and a master peace of modern engineering.

  • Asuncion

Asuncion, the capital, is located on the east bank of Paraguay River .
Asuncion’s main tourist attractions are the river front, Casa Viola, a museum housed in a historical colonial building, Independence Square , the XIX century cathedral and the botanical gardens.
Near Asuncion one can admire Itangua, known for the famous Nanduti lacework and San Bernardino, on Ycaparai Lake for summer weekend outings.

  • Filadelfia

Filadelfia, is a religious city, located in the Chaco , settled by the Mennonites in the late 1920s.The community have its own schools, banks and health services. Filadelfia is a great place to purchase Indian handicrafts. The Chaco is the shelter for Paraguay ’s most endangere wildlife.

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