Panama, is the southernmost country of Central America, bordering Costa Rica to the northwest, and Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Its official language is Spanish, but English is widely spoken. Its population is about three million four hundred thousand inhabitants. It is best known for its manmade canal that links the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea . One should not miss seeing the famous canal, a feat of engineering perhaps without equal, the Lesseps’ vision realized. But there is much more to Panama than its canal.

  • Panama City

Panama City is an interesting blend of old Spanish and modern American styles. Old Panama City named “Monument to the Mankind” by UNESCO, with its ruins and monuments mirror the Spain ’s first settlement on the Pacific Ocean that was destroyed by the buccaneer Henry Morgan in 1671. Casco Viejo (Colonial Panama) with its narrow streets and flower bedecked balconies is the city’s historical centre.

Modern Panama City offers first world hotels and casinos, gourmet restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Nearby there are broad sandy beaches, golf courses and a complete tourist structure for the traveler of today. The country is known for its wild life and ecological and beach resorts. Other very appealing tourist attractions are the Panamanian Islands.

  • The Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands are just a 15 minute flight or two hour ferry ride from the mainland. They boast fine hotels, restaurants and a dozen beaches to choose from, one of them allowing natural bathing.
Excursions to the neighboring islands are available.

  • Coronado

Coronado, also on the Pacific, just a little over 80 kilometers from Panama City , features a fine 18-hole golf course and excellent hotel accommodations and a broad sandy beach.

  • Toboga Island

Toboga Island, also known as the “ Island of Flowers ” is about one hour from Panama City by power speed boat. It is a great spot for a fine outing day, or even for a couple of days, if you enjoy nature and peaceful environment. Besides sun bathing you can also enjoy diving, snorkeling or simply doing nothing.

  • San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands, home for the Kuna Indians, are world known for the Kuna Indian Culture rather than for their beaches. But the soft sand beaches, unpolluted waters and the colorful coral reefs are some of the other ingredients for a memorable, unusual vacation.
The islands offer a limited choice of hotels. The local cuisine is based on savory, healthy, sea food.

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