For many years the word “parador” has meant a “resting place” or “inn” where hospitality and comfort are standard. And still today, this charming Spanish word represents accommodation of the highest excellence. Owned by the Government the paradores occupy former royal palaces, historic buildings, old convents and monasteries, and cater superbly to the traveler’s every need in an atmosphere of old world elegance and scenic beauty, while unobtrusively providing completely modern facilities and comforts. Not only is the finest tradition of Spanish hospitality, courtesy, comfort and service proudly maintained, but the locations have been carefully chosen for their magnificent panoramas and quiet serenity in the mountains or by the sea, or sometimes in small villages and towns  where cultural richness, traditional folklore and the warm friendliness of country people abound. To know the “real” Spain is to leave the cities and meet her people and her culture, her architecture and cuisine, her fine wines and rich diversity and unforgettable beauty face-to-face. Paradores present Spain to you with style. All have fine restaurants where local specialties are succulently prepared. Most also have bars, and many boast gardens and terraces, swimming pools and other amenities.