With over forty million inhabitants, Colombia is the fourth largest country of South America . It is bordered by Panama , on the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil on the east., Peru and Ecuador on the southwest.
A kaleidoscope of scenery – beautiful rainforests, mountains and beaches, exhilarating cities, biodiversity and traditions – make Colombia a unique tourist destination. It is the only South American country that is embraced by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea .
Bogota, the capital city is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a history that started back in 1538 when the Spanish conquistadores founded it.
It is a glorious blend of ancient quarters and modern districts. Her historical center features magnificent churches and convents and unique colonial style mansions..
The National University, founded in 1573, is located here.
The new districts boast wide avenues, high rise buildings, museums and galleries, modern hotels and gourmet restaurants, night clubs and shopping centers..
Other tourist attractions include the “Catedral do Sal” (Salt Cathedral), bullring of Santa Maria , the Gold Museum and Monserrate, a peak with a breathtaking view over the city.
Other important cities of Colombia are: Medellin, known as “City of eternal spring”, famous for its beautiful orchids and many universities;
Pereira, the capital of the “zona cafeteria” (coffee farming area) offers breathtaking scenery, parks, valleys and lagoons.
Its old coffee plantations feature excellent accommodations with all the amenities for the tourism of the XXI century.

  • The beaches of Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, in the Caribbean Sea , is the Colombian holiday destination that attracts more tourists, Colombian and foreigners alike. It resembles an old Spanish city with its many monuments : castles, the city walls, fortresses and narrow streets lined by
interesting colonial buildings.
But Cartagena is also modern hotels, gourmet restaurants, night clubs and shopping centers with all the facilities for the traveler of today.
A short boat ride away brings us to the Rosario Islands and to its idyllic beaches for a romantic retreat of a couple of days…

Santa Marta is one of America ’s oldest cities. It was founded in 1525, and is also a popular beach resort.
It is about four hours by bus from Cartagena , thus making it a perfect combination for those who want to stay in two different resorts.
Santa Marta offers a large choice of accommodations including apartments for short or long stays.
The city also boasts a good selection of restaurants that specialize in sea food caught fresh daily.
Just a 45 minutes drive there is Tayrona National Park with beautiful deserted beaches. The accommodations here are very basic, but the visitors are rewarded by the peace and charm of the scenery that surrounds them.

  • San Andres & Providence

San Andres, the bigger island of San Andres archipelago was discovered by the travelers long time ago, and has been since developed as a modern tourist destination. Providencia has been developed at a much slower pace and is recommended for those who appreciate nature in its purest stage.
San Andres offers a large selection of hotels. The “All inclusive meal plan” is common practice on the island.
Providence is a great choice for the “away from it all” vacation. Its beaches are ideal for a rest cure of a couple of days.
The hotels here are small but comfortable. Some also offer the “All inclusive” plan.
However here there is a smaller selection of drinks and some items are not included.
Providence is a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Both islands boast large coral barriers, many species of fish and sea turtles, and more than 100 species of migratory birds.The locals are very friendly. Their culture is a mixture of European and African traditions that date from the time the islands were under British control.

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