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If travelling is your passion, Brazil is your destiny, as the Brazilian say, and we tend to agree with them.

Which other country in the planet could offer you the largest tropical jungle with the greatest amount of river water that its Amazon does? And offer you the Pantanal (wetlands) with its incredible splendid variety of plants and wild life? Well Brazil can!

With the breathtaking scenery of its Gaucho Mountains and Santa Catarina State and the dramatic beauty of world famous Iguassu Falls? Brazil is a country of marvels.

Enchanting beaches along a sea coast of over 7,000 kilometers, of which Copacabana and Ipanema are, perhaps, the most famous, but others like Do Espelho, Jericoacoara and Fernando de Noronha are rated about the most beautiful in the world. It is on these beaches that you will find scuba diving paradises, of which Fernando de Noronha, Abrolhos, Buzios and Angra dos Reis are just examples;

Historical cities, monuments and sights of extreme beauty appointed heritage of the mankind by UNESCO;

World class hot springs and health spas supported by modern equipment and excellent medical structure;

Some of the biggest street shows in the globe, like the carnival (in Rio, Salvador and Recife ) and Blumenau ’s Oktoberfest, second only to the one in Munich ;

Rodeos of which Barretos is the most important in South America ;

Outstanding sport events, accommodations ranging from deluxe to budget, gourmet international and local restaurants, varied and colorful folklore and happy, welcoming people, a result of the many cultures that settled in the country?

Yes, the Brazilians are probably right!

  • Introduction to Brasilia

Brasilia is the world’s most strikingly beautiful and successful example of a city that has been laid out and built entirely by urban planners.

Internationally famous architect Oscar Niemeyer designed this new Brazilian capital, which only a few decades ago did not exist at all.

Brasilia is a place of architectural marvels, of museums and modern churches, wide plazas, unpolluted air and large expanses of greenery. This city has been called “a revolution immortalized in stone” and it is.

The layout of the streets, the invigorating climate, the beauty of the places and the cathedral, the use of water in reflecting pools and fountains all combine to give the visitor a sense of harmony and peace felt nowhere else.

  • Brazilian Wines

The south of Brazil has already made a reputation for itself by producing high quality wines.

Located in an area of splendid scenery on the Gaucho Mountains the “ Vineyards Valley ” attracts tourists and wine connoisseurs from all over.

The local wineries use the most modern technology in wine processing. Some of them even offer spas inspired on the wine properties for skin health.

Brazil produces excellent read and white table wines in the area of Caxias do Sul and Bento Goncalves, and champagne type in Garibaldi. Top oenologists from France and Italy are working in Brazil to help improving the country’s wines.

A short drive from Brazil ’s wine area there are two enchanting villages that may very well be a glorious complement for your wine tour. Gramado and Canela are the two main players of this magic world. Their architecture resembles the German Bavaria with impeccably tended gardens, lakes, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and canyons. Both villages have a busy calendar of events of which Christmas is the most famous.

The Gaucho Mountains feature excellent accommodations, from the cozy “pousada” (inn) to the deluxe complex.

  • Carnaval in Rio

Carnival in Rio, the World’s Largest, Liveliest and Lavish Street Festival

Is there anyone, anywhere, who has never heard of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and longed to be part of it, in person and live ?… It is almost impossible.

From modern travel by jet planes, and the magic of Hollywood films and Carmen Miranda, everybody, everywhere, has wanted to go to Rio, the most amazing and beautiful city in the world.

And now they can, and right when Rio is at her best.

Latin World’s Carnival in Rio Tour features five wonderful days of joyful madness in an exotic setting of sheer luxury, breathtaking beauty, vibrant colors and Latin rhythms that will keep you dancing until down. From Friday to Tuesday, local people join the crowds of tourists, all eager to jump in and absorb the excitement.

The spectacle reaches its climax at the “sambodromo” that holds about 62,000 people.

Here the deafening beat of the drums accompanies the experienced and graceful Samba dancers and their radiantly colorful and stunning costumes which change the imagination.

If you want to make this visit not only thrilling, but an experience of a life time, you participate in the parade itself (you would be asked to buy your own costume).

But however you choose to celebrate Carnival, do come and join us in this great event and even it with your own fun and excitement.

Find out how enjoyable life car be when you let yourself go.

  • Introduction to the exotic Brazilian Amazon

The Amazon, Brazil ’s largest state, encompasses the largest tropical jungle and the greatest amount of river water in the world. The area produces one-fifth of the earth’s oxygen and is a perfect example of nature’s delicate balance, the ecosystem.

The lush jungle is home to dazzling hummingbirds, toucans, macaws, parrots and other colorful birds. Beneath the canopy wander jaguars, tapirs and peccaries.

In the labyrinth of rivers, streams, lakes and rain forest, animals as dangerous as the cayman and as tame as the turtle live side by side, together with an incredible variety of fish of all sizes.

The Amazon’s past was colored by the rich rubber-boom commerce, remnants of which still stand today.

The Amazonas theatre, the market place, the customs house and the floating docks are but a few monuments from that period.

There are two options for really exploring and experiencing the mighty Amazon at first hand: either staying at a jungle lodge or taking a comprehensive cruise up the Amazon River and its tributaries, with one or two night rest in Manaus .

We offer two of the best choices in both lodges and cruises.

  • Cruzing The Amazon

Cruising the Amazon, along “igararapes”(river creeks) and in “igapos”(flooded forests) deep in the jungle is the way to enjoy nature at its best, especially at down and dusk. This is the unique experience that the Amazon cruises provide. When access is not possible by boat, we use powered canoes to explore the most fascinating corners of the forest and to visit the natives and hear first hand about their way of life, as well as to fish, bird-watch and bathe in the river. Experienced guides give briefings on the Amazon every day. The vessels are Amazon River boats with traditional lines, designed exclusively for cruising the Amazon River and its tributaries.

Amazon Clipper Cruises offer weekly guaranteed departures all year round aboard their traditional fleet; Amazon Clipper, Selly Clipper II, and Amazon Angler, or Premium, their luxury edition.

All the regional river boats feature double cabins with bunk berths and night time air conditioning, private toilet facilities, covered saloon with dining area, bar, library and a panoramic sun deck.

The Premium boasts spacious all-outside cabins with lower beds, private bathroom facilities with hot shower , air conditioned window-lined dining room, full air conditioned lecture room with library/video facilities and a sun deck with a unique 360.o panoramic view.

Amazon Clipper Cruises offer 3 itineraries with regular guaranteed departures;

3 days/2 nights Amazon River Cruise departing every Monday.

4 days/3 nights Negro River Cruise departing every Wednesday.

6 days/5 nights combo of both Amazon and Negro River cruises departing every Monday.

For more information, schedules and rates please check

  • Introduction to The Gaucho Mountains

Perched on a mountain side in southern Brazil , Gramado’s unique architectural style resembles a picturesque Bavarian village more than a Brazilian one. The mountains, the colorful hand-hewn timber of the buildings, the whole atmosphere speaks of Europe and the Alps which have been wonderfully transported to South America and blended romantically with the incomparable Brazilian customs and traditions. The local restaurants serve the famous churrasco and the roast chicken with pasta, among other gourmet delights such as the fondue, a popular Swiss delicacy.

Dining here in Gramado is always both superb and affordable, the scenery is breathtaking and pollution – free; the weather warm and pleasant, and long walks are invigorating, safe, rewarding…all the ingredients one needs for a happy and memorable vacation. Spread over a large green area with national parks and beautiful lakes, Gramado has become the “honeymoon” and movie capital of Brazil .

Gramado’s sister village of Canela is just a short drive away, and an excellent choice for a day’s outing. Accommodations are available in the many pousadas, the modest-sized and family-ran inns that feature the famous Brazilian breakfast, served in a courteous and friendly atmosphere.

Everyone here is genuinely happy to meet you and have you as their guests. A vacation in Gramado is an unforgettable experience !

  • Introduction to The Gaucho Pousadas

Pousadas are small inns with the emphasis on genuine “gaucho” hospitality. All the pousadas

offer first class accommodations, with private bath and cozy public areas. Many feature swimming

pools and gardens, and all serve their famous “gaucho” breakfast, a colorful offering of juices,

fresh and canned fruit, honey and jam, cheese, butter, rolls and cake, coffee, tea and very often

eggs and sausages.

  • Introduction to Fernando de Noronha Islands

Fernando de Noronha, a very special archipelago for nature lovers and scuba divers, is a group of islands bordered by pristine blue and green waters and golden sand beaches situated 120 miles off Brazil ’s northeast coast.

The archipelago consists of 21 islands and rock formations and is home for numerous fish species and, at least 15 of the 18 kinds of coral reef found in Brazil .

Every morning the spinner dolphins put on a unique show of color and motion, a spectacle that one will long remember.

The archipelago is also rich in gray reef sharks, hawksbills, green turtles, crevalle jacks, barracuda, cubera snappers and chromis, spadefish and lobster.

About 70% of Fernando de Noronha Island is a National Park administrated by the Brazilian Environmental Institute. Only a limited number of tourists are allowed on the island at a time. Here the diving season is twelve months a year.

The water average temperature is 80F with little variation. Underwater visibility varies from 60 to 90 feet.

Fernando de Noronha is reached by scheduled or charter flights either from Recife or Natal – two exciting cities to complement your scuba diving vacation.

Our representatives are highly specialized and can provide regulators, tanks and dive boats.

Local accommodations are clean and comfortable. The pousadas are simple guesthouses with private bath that feature the unique Brazilian hospitality and mouthwatering local food.

  • Introduction to Iguacu ( Iguassu ) Falls

Located in “three frontiers”, where Argentina , Brazil and Paraguay meet, Iguassu Falls is one of the wonders of the world: 275 water falls that reach up to 82 meters, both in Argentina and Brazil put up a show of natural beauty that enchants all those who visit them.

The Iguassu National Park where the falls are inserted displays over 2000 flora and about 400 bird and animal species.

Besides the falls, Iguassu features Itaipu Dam – a master piece of the Brazilian engineering, shared by Brazil and Paraguay , the Bird Park where you can admire over 150 species on display, and an unforgettable boat trip to the spot where the falls meet the river bed.

The Mission Ruins, about 330kms away are accessible from Iguassu

  • Introduction to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the very name conjures up images of our world’s most beautiful city, and, perhaps the only one that has lovingly embraced whole mountains within her downtown area, and that is caressed by the sea on three sides, with 90 kilometers of the most wonderful beaches imaginable. But Rio is a great deal more than sun and surf, sunshine and samba. It is a place of great cultural diversity, where all people can find the happy stimulating lifestyle that suits them best. Here they will find exotic nightclubs with the most vibrant and colorful floor shows; natural wonders such as the spectacular Sugar Loaf Mountain, and rugged Corcovado with its impressive statue of Christ the Redeemer, the wild beauty of the Tijuca Forest, all within the metropolis itself.

Rio abounds in green areas: there are large parks and beautiful gardens and separate forests. The city’s mountains afford scenic lookouts second to none. The cable car linking Sugarloaf with Praia Vermelha is one of Rio ’s best known tourist attractions. Corcovado has its own cog railway which climbs a spectacular route from a station in Cosme Velho up to the top, revealing sweeping vistas of the wonderful city along the way.

No other place on earth has such breathtaking views. In fact, words simply cannot describe all the wonders and excitement of this most magnificent of cities.

  • Introduction to Salvador ( Bahia )

Salvador , the capital of Bahia state is the most “African” of Brazil ’s cities. The African influence is strongly noticeable in the food, clothing, music, culture and religion.

Beside the richly ornate and beautiful catholic churches are the candomble “terreiros”, place of religious worship brought from Africa in its original form.

The Capoeira , famous in the local folklore, is a kind of martial art developed by the Africans during their slavery.

Today Salvador is a unique Brazilian city, where Africa meets America . Experience the magical blend of cultures and the unique architectural style of the “Pelourinho” (old quarters) of Salvador , and swim in the sparkling blue waters of Stella Maris or Praia do Forte beaches.

Praia do Forte is a tranquil bit of Polynesia set down on the Brazilian Coast , just 80 kilometers north of Salvador . The area features miles of unspoiled beaches, lovely forests, a ruined castle and the world famous project to preserve the sea turtles.

  • Introduction to Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina, the beautiful, as defined by the State’s government, is a land of contrasts, where the bustle of the modern urban life does not interfere with the quietness of the countryside. It is a bit of paradise with 42 ravishing beaches framed by green hills, lagoons, parks and dunes. Florianopolis , its capital, is a modern and thriving metropolis of 280,000 lucky inhabitants.

All the beaches offer accommodations ranging from small “pousadas” (inns) to deluxe resort complexes.

Sea food here is a tasty temptation, while the people are polite and friendly, the scenery is breathtaking…

Santa Catarina was peopled by Portuguese from the Azores , Italians, Germans, Poles and Japanese, amongst others, that lent their influence to the state’s architecture, cuisine, folklore and way of life.

There are historical villages, impressing old fortresses and markets, and handicraft stores waiting to be discovered in the leisure time you can spare from your beach activities.

  • Introduction to The Brazilian Pantanal (Marshland)

Located between the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, the Brazilian Pantanal is a fascinating vision of beauty. At this point in time, no other place on earth can offer what it does, because the Pantanal is not a reserve that is closed and hidden, secret and impenetrable. On the contrary, in the Pantanal one sees an incredible variety of flora and fauna, bursting with exuberant life before one’s very eyes. It seems as if this paradise purposely offers visitors an unforgettable show of constant movement, an infinite combination of forms, colors and sounds.

One sees fascinating sights like the landing and take-off of the tuiuiu, a bird with a wing span of over three meters which, like an airplane, needs a lot of space in which to maneuver.

And there are the jabiru storks, tiger herons, stock chicks, roseate spoonbills, toucanets, hawks and the always colorful macaws.

The Pantanal also displays an array of wild animals such as jaguars, deer, anteaters, armadillos, capybaras, tapirs, otters and alligators.

The Pantanal is also the largest breeding ground for fish, mainly piranha,” dourado”, “surubim” and the huge “jau” which reaches up to200 pounds in weight.

Despite being called “marshland”, the Pantanal is one of the healthiest areas of Brazil .

The fabulous beaches of Brazil

  • Recife, The Venice of Brazil

Enjoy the cosmopolitan Boa Viagem beach, and the nearby historical Olinda, and Porto de Galinhas with its “natural pools”.

Porto de Galinhas has changed from an almost unknown fishing village to a sophisticated sea resort sought after by the tourist young and not so young alike. Located just 60 kilometers south of Recife , Porto de Galinhas displays many broad sandy beaches and “natural pools” for the delight of the visitors.

There are hotels for all prices, restaurants, night clubs, a wide choice of sightseeing tours, and social activities to keep you busy.

  • Fortaleza, The Princes of The North East

Discover the enchanting, quaint neighboring beaches of Canoa Quebrada, Praia das Fontes with its colorful sand cliffs, Cumbuco just a 25 minute drive from the capital of the state with its huge sand dunes, Praia do Futuro just a short drive from Fortaleza, with good accommodations and easy access to restaurants, night clubs and shopping centers.

  • Natal, Land of The Sun

Explore endless semi-deserted beaches. Enjoy an adventurous buggy drive on the huge snow white dunes or take a camel ride…experiences that you will treasure for ever

  • Buzios, The Home of The Rich and Famous

Stay in one of the enchanting “pousadas” and select your favorite cove from the many that the resort has to offer. Come discover Buzios with us!

  • Maceio (Alagoas)

Experience life in a city that is at the same time both “sweet” and “salty”. Sired by the sun, born of the sea and nourished by the sugar plantations, Maceio is purely Brazilian, yet also unique itself.

  • Santa Catarina, The Beautiful

Chances are that you will fall in love with this enchanted island, as many already did. See idyllic Da Conceicao Lagoon from its lookout, soak the sun on one or more of the island’s forty charming beaches, and savor the famous local sea food.

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